Date My City Cultural Sabbatical and Leadership Retreat

In the movement for social and racial justice, a common thread frequently runs throughout our work is episodes of burnout where one loses the physical and mental capacity to continue the work.

In the southern regions of Appalachia, community activists face insurmountable external barriers to their work including limited resources, blatant white supremacist ideologies in the dominant culture, structural racism, extremely poor social conditions in communities of color, and lack of involvement from victimized communities due to internalized racial oppression and hopelessness, all of which impede progress and debilitate effective movement forward.

For this very reason, Date My City has prescribed this black leadership sabbatical and retreat. We will lead a caravan of 15 black community leaders (sojourners) from our home in Asheville to a lakeside retreat in Saluda, NC, for a fruitful one-night and two-day respite and development of a new leadership paradigm.

The Retreat will address:

  • Self-Care and Holistic Regeneration
  • Collective Trauma/Collective Healing
  • Black Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Tribal Leadership/Shared Leadership

The retreat will be held August 27- 28. The cost, which includes room and board, will be $75 per person, and scholarships are available.

If you are interested in being a part of this retreat, please email before Saturday, August 20th.

Date My City a social organization that seeks to enhance the cultural identity of black communities in Western North Carolina. As a motivation of hope, a community advocate and a source of empowerment through cultural and civic engagement, Date My City has the overall purpose of fostering social cohesion, increasing civic participation and igniting pride through unity and self-determination.”


From Date My City’s website.

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