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Date My City

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Who We Are:

Date My City is a social organization that seeks to enhance the cultural identity of black communities in Western North Carolina. As a motivation of hope, a community advocate and a source of empowerment through cultural and civic engagement, Date My City has the overall purpose of fostering social cohesion, increasing civic participation and igniting pride through unity and self-determination.

Date My City is an intergenerational force supported by a power base of black community members: leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and activists, as well as a constituency of allies who share the best interests of communities of color. By joining our skills, mutual goals, resources and strategy, we can birth a cultural renaissance.

What We Do:
DMC creates an array of events with multi-faceted initiatives, promoting inclusion and cultural advancement. Each experience is an ensemble of political education, cultural relevance and chic sophistication, strategically arranged to enliven intergenerational support, like-minded partners and community activists.

Our events ignite harmony and a vibrancy in the city and bring social gratification while educating, raising awareness, organizing leaders, energizing attendees to ACTION. We celebrate African American heritage and community successes in a fashion that fascinates young spirits and honors the traditional values of our elders.


Our History:
Date My City was created in 2013 as an initiative to encourage cultural diversity in downtown Asheville. After assessing the history of segregation in the city and other race-based actions, such as Urban Renewal in the 1950s – 70s, which have severely wounded  black neighborhoods and completely destroyed the black business districts, a greater calling manifested. Surrendering to the responsibility to continue in the legacy and fight for cultural equality and advancement, DMC leveraged the ability to mobilize the black community for leisure and entertainment purposes to organize a movement, which has been uniquely crafted and encapsulated into a social organization.

sheneika-smithFounder, Sheneika E. Smith:
Sheneika Smith, a native of Asheville, NC, is a preacher’s daughter, fierce fashionista, community organizer and visionary leader. Her path includes ministry, motherhood, special events planning, supporting her community and the empowerment of those around her.

Visit datemycity.net for more information. 

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